AEW News: Cody Rhodes Discusses Current Rift Between His Teammates, Addresses Unpopular Booking Decision

Cody Rhodes took to Twitter this weekend for a Q&A session with All Elite Wrestling fans. However, one of the biggest questions he had to answer was about the current rift between his Elite teammates, in particular Adam Page and Nick Jackson, who have been at odds with each other in recent weeks.

As documented by 411 Mania, Rhodes calmed down any notion that there was any legitimate beef between Jackson and Page after the former called “Hangman” a “jobber in Ring of Honor” during a recent interview segment. The Young Bucks member said that he and his other teammates stopped Page from floundering in the company, suggesting that he wouldn’t be where he is today without them.

According to Rhodes, however, everyone in the Elite has relied on each other at some point, and what Jackson said shouldn’t be taken to heart as tempers were flaring at the time. He also insisted that the group’s bond is still strong.

“People say stuff in the heat of the moment. Everybody in The Elite has done something for each other and vice versa, it’s maybe the only faction in history that really hinges on all of us being linked. A lot of love between this bunch. A lot.”

The tension between Page and the Young Bucks has been escalating, and Kenny Omega is also at the center of it all. Page hasn’t been showing much love to any of his teammates, despite being a Tag Team Champion with Omega, and even tried to leave the group a few weeks ago.

It remains to be seen how the storyline will play out, but Rhodes’ words suggest that everything will be fine in the long run. However, perhaps Rhodes is also trying to ease fans’ minds so it’s more surprising if the group implodes in the coming weeks. Page and Jackson will be locked in a cage together on an upcoming Dynamite episode, and that’s a perfect structure for causing tensions to explode.

During the Q&A, Rhodes also addressed some of his own woes. He was asked whether he regrets making himself ineligible for a future AEW World Championship shot following his loss to Chris Jericho, but the executive vice president seems more focused on the future.

“There’s a ton of matches on the table for me to have, and more in gestation coming to mind everyday. It’s important that I keep my word on that stipulation.”

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