WWE News: Liv Morgan Opens Up About Conversation She Had With Sonya Deville Before Lesbian Storyline

The final episode of Monday Night Raw in 2019 saw Liv Morgan make her unexpected return to WWE television by interrupting Bobby Lashley and Lana‘s wedding and declaring her love for “The Ravishing Russian.” The soap opera nature of the storyline raised some concerns among members of the LGBTQ community, including Morgan’s fellow superstar Sonya Deville, who took to social media during the segment to make her displeasure known.

During a recent interview with the New York Post, Morgan opened up about a conversation she had with Deville regarding the storyline. While she chose to keep what the pair discussed to herself, she did confirm that there’s no bad blood between the two of them as a result of Morgan’s participation in the controversial angle.

“I have a very close friendship with Sonya Deville, so I spoke to her, and the details of those conversations I’m politely not going to share with you. But everything’s fine. Everything’s cool. We talked about it. She’s still a very good friend of mine, and I can’t be mad at anyone for how they feel and how they react to things. Everyone is gonna feel how they want to feel, so I’ve just got to allow that.”

Morgan also stated that she was just doing her job and that the storyline wasn’t her idea in the first place. WWE dropped the angle shortly after Morgan’s divisive revelation, presumably because the company was getting bad publicity over its poor handling of such a sensitive issue.

Morgan has no regrets over the storyline, though. During the interview, she revealed that she liked the way she was reintroduced to the WWE Universe because it was shocking and unexpected. She also believes that the door has been left open for the storyline to continue at a later date.

Since then, Morgan has entered into a feud with Ruby Riott, but Lana and Lashley haven’t been involved in any notable segments or matches. However, the abrupt ending to the love affair storyline could also have something to do with Rusev — Lana’s former husband — who hasn’t been seen on Monday Night Raw in weeks amid uncertainties over his future.

Morgan will be one of several participants to compete in tonight’s Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view of the same name. Should she emerge from the steel structure victorious, she will go on to WrestleMania 36 to face Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship.

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