WWE News: Arn Anderson Recalls Slapping ‘The Sh*t’ Out Of Mouthy WCW Superstar

Arn Anderson is one of the most respected performers in the history of the wrestling business. One of the reasons he’s been around so long is he’s an intimidating presence who isn’t afraid to discipline younger wrestlers. As both an in-ring performer and as a member of the backstage crew, Anderson has earned the respect of his fellow employees, but on the latest edition of The Arn Anderson Show, he recalled an incident where he slapped Disco Inferno.

As quoted by 411 Mania, the WWE Hall of Famer said that Inferno was trash-talking Hugh Morris during a Rent-A-Car bus trip, and that’s what caused tensions to boil over. Anderson recalled that the mouthy performer was making jokes about Morris’ daughter, causing him to get angry. This prompted Anderson to step in and slap Inferno.

“I just leaned in, looked at him, I said, ‘Cut the bullsh*t out, we’re all tired as f*ck, we’re not going to get any sleep, we’re gonna sleep a few hours, grab a gym, and we gotta drive to Jacksonville.’ ‘Oh, what are you going to do, beat me up Horsemen style?’ Was his reaction. So I slapped the sh*t out of him and said, ‘No, that’s Marty Lundy style motherf*cker.’ And so I cupped him pretty good and he got a blank look on his face and that’s the real story. He shut up.”

According to Anderson, it was maybe “wrong” of him to act so aggressively, considering that he was an agent at the time. However, he doesn’t regret his actions, either, as he felt that Inferno deserved it from a personal standpoint. The Hall of Famer also believed that he saved Inferno’s life that day, as Morris was so angry at the jokes that he might have ended up genuinely hurting him.

While agents weren’t allowed to get into physical altercations with wrestlers, Anderson revealed that no complaints were made about him following the incident, and he never heard anything about it from the front office. At the time of this writing, Inferno hasn’t responded to Anderson’s story, though he does have his own podcast and could address the matter at a later date.

Anderson is still actively involved in the wrestling business as he joined All Elite Wrestling as a producer last year. In recent weeks, he’s appeared on television with Cody Rhodes as his manager, and he occasionally serves as a commentator on Dark.

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