Aaron Rodgers Says He Wouldn’t Mind If The Green Bay Packers Drafted A New Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers isn’t afraid of a little competition. In fact, he recently talked to ESPN Radio and told the station he doesn’t care if the Green Bay Packers go out and draft a new quarterback. More than that, he said he wouldn’t even mind if the Pack took a quarterback high in the draft. That shouldn’t be taken as a hint that Rodgers wants to pull a Tom Brady and leave the only team he’s ever played for. According to ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky, Rodgers doesn’t care if the Packers draft a new QB because he’s confident he’ll beat out all comers.

Demovsky put the link to the quarterback’s quote on Twitter.

“I’m confident (he is) not going to beat me out anytime soon.”

While Rodgers isn’t particularly worried about losing the starting quarterback job, he would like the Packers to spend the pick on something that is going to help the team right away — and that’s likely not a backup QB.

Rodgers also said he understands at this point in his career that what he wants from the draft isn’t the same thing his team wants. He is moving towards the end of his time in the NFL, even if he’s not all that close to retiring.

Rodgers started his Green Bay Packers career back in 2005 and certainly understands a team drafting the current quarterback’s replacement. Back then, Rodgers was coming out of California as the heir apparent to Brett Favre, only Favre wasn’t ready to move on. In his first three years in the NFL, he played in just seven games and threw 59 total passes.

He took over the starting job in 2008 and suffered through a 6-10 record. Since then, he’s only posted one losing record as a starter. He played just seven games in 2017 and went 4-3, but followed that up in 2018 with 16 starts and a 6-9-1 record. Despite the Packers’ losing season, Aaron Rodgers put together an impressive year, throwing 25 touchdowns and just two interceptions. He had a similarly impressive year in 2019, throwing 26 touchdowns and four interceptions.

Those numbers don’t hint at a quarterback in decline — neither do his 269 rushing yards in 2018 or 183 rushing yards in 2019. Green Bay finished 13-3 a year ago and went all the way to the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The record and playoff run don’t hint at a Packers team that is desperate for help at any one position, but it’s hard to know whether that means it’s more or less likely the team will decide to draft a quarterback next month.

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