Somersby Cider Becomes First Beer Product To Make Fun Of Apple iPhone [Video]

Somersby Cider has joined the Apple attack movement. In the past, we have seen Samsung, Google, LG, and other smartphone and tablet manufacturers target Apple, but this is the first beer commercial we have seen do the same.

Danish based beer maker Carlsberg Breweries released the new parody ad this week, and it rather accurately portrays Apple product launches.

In the video, dozens of eager Somersby Cider fans stand outside of an Apple-style store where they eagerly await the chance to buy the newest delicious product from the beer manufacturer.

As customers enter the store, they are met with tables filled with actual apples and glasses filled with the Apple Cider drink.

Customers click their glasses together to stay “connected” to one another, and an employee says the drinks are completely wireless and “full of great content.”

The commercial also jokes that Somersby Cider works “perfectly in direct sunlight,” which is more than we can say about real Apple products.

Here is the full video for the new Apple Cider drink:

If imitation is truly the greatest form of flattery, then there is no company more flattered these days than Apple.

We hear the drinks mapping program gives better directions than Apple Maps, but that fact has not actually been confirmed at this time.

Would you prefer an Apple iPhone or a nice glass of Somersby Cider and a Samsung Galaxy S IV?

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