Justin Bieber’s Cat Returned After Going Missing For A Month, Pet Found By Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin‘s cat was returned to them after it ran away nearly a month ago. The singer shared the good news with fans on Instagram that the feline was found by celebrity chef Sandra Lee, who posted her story on social media.

On Thursday night, Bieber received a phone call that he had started to suspect was never going to come. Somebody had found his exotic lynx cat, Sushi. The kitten was found by Lee, who saw it while in her backyard in Beverly Hills, California.

The 53-year-old star chef told the story on Instagram. She had no idea whose pet it was but instantly bonded with the adorable creature. In the post shared with her 57,000 followers, Lee described hanging out with a friend when she noticed the animal, which looked malnourished but was still friendly.

She was struck not only by how sweet the cat was but also by its gorgeous and unique appearance. Immediately, she recognized this was no common cat, but she was still clueless as to who it belonged to.

“My best friend and I had no idea what it was or who’s it was,” she wrote.

The cat not only looked hungry but had also encountered a porcupine during its three-week absence from the Bieber household.

“He was starving, cold, scared, exhausted and stuck with porcupine quills – but he was happy and excited all at the same time,” Lee said about the cat’s condition.

She and the friend were able to corral the kitty and bring it inside. They removed the embedded quills and fed Sushi some tuna and warm milk. The difficult part came when the chef removed the collar to contact the owner. She admitted that a part of her wished the person could not be reached so that she could adopt the stunning animal.

The Changes singer answered the phone and was ecstatic. However, the celebrity chef still had no idea she was speaking to Bieber.

“I thought the young man on the other end of the phone was going to either burst out in shrieks of joy or burst out in tears —he was so happy, shocked and stunned,” she wrote on Instagram. “Still I [had] no idea who it was.”

Forty minutes later, the pop icon appeared at Lee’s door, and she was stunned. The author had heard about Bieber and Baldwin’s cat going missing and was thrilled to reunite them.

“I can’t even imagine what Sushi’s three weeks of hell running up and down Beverly Hills mountains were like,” she added in the lengthy post.

The next day, Bieber posted on Instagram that little Sushi was home, and his update received over 1.5 million likes in just 10 hours.

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