Apple Is Now 8th Most Popular Website

The website is now the 8th most visited web portal in the world, according to recently released numbers from industry analytics firm ComScore.

The company’s analysis of the internets most popular destinations included both mobile web visits as well as desktop-and-notebook visits.

ComCast found that the webs top portals all experienced significant gains in viewership, although Apple clearly led the way with a 54 percent increase in visitors. The company jumped from 11th to 8th most popular web destination.

According to ComScore, Apple saw 115 million visitors to its site in February 2013.

In comparison, Google’s combined websites witnessed 236 million unique visitors in February, allowing the company to maintain its top spot among all of its worldwide competitors.

While Google experienced significantly more traffic than Apple, the search giant required far more services to reach those unique visitor traffic numbers. Even when mobile device numbers were included, Google witnessed just a seven percent increase in traffic numbers.

Apple gained the most spots in the top 10 analysis.

The top 10 most trafficked websites were rounded out by Yahoo’s combined sites, Microsoft’s combined sites, Facebook, Amazon, AOL, lifestyle publisher Glam Media, Apple, Wikipedia’s combined websites, and CBS Interactive.

Websites with 200 percent increases in traffic included Pandora (19), Zynga (44th), and Groupon (47). Those websites are all mobile heavy in terms of their user base, which explains the drastic increase in visitor numbers when mobile output was included.

As smartphones and tablets become more prevalent in terms of web usage, we are likely to see further user increases as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other major web players continue to shift more of their focus towards mobile platforms.

Here is a list of the top 50 most trafficked websites and combined web properties for February 2013:

Have you begun to shift most of your web usage time towards mobile devices, or do you still prefer the comfort of a desktop or notebook?

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