WWE News: Hall Of Famer Confirmed To Return Next Week On ‘Monday Night Raw’

It was a shock to many WWE fans when Edge made his incredible return to the company at the Royal Rumble in January. Ever since his comeback, he has only been seen one time due to a violent attack by Randy Orton that has put the former World Champion out of commission for weeks. Now, the WWE Hall of Famer’s return has been confirmed for next week, and he certainly won’t be coming back as a happy man.

On the episode right after the Royal Rumble, Edge appeared on Monday Night Raw to tell viewers how much he appreciated them and how good it was to be back. Orton, his former tag team partner, came out and destroyed him with a vicious one-man Conchairto that required the “Rated-R Superstar” to be stretchered out of the building.

Since then, Orton has continued his dominance and violent streak by essentially pushing Matt Hardy out of WWE — in storyline — with vicious attacks. Last week, “The Viper” took things to an entirely different level when he confronted Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix in the ring.

As the two went back and forth over Edge and the things that Orton did to him, it was obvious that tensions were rising. By the time the end of the segment had come around, Phoenix was left out cold in the ring due to an incredible RKO from Orton.

That was more than what was needed to get Edge back into the picture.

The official website of WWE has just confirmed that Edge is going to make his return to Monday Night Raw next week. In the report, it says that his absence has been “conspicuous,” but the focus has been more on his recovery and getting better from the Conchairto he received.

Phoenix appeared on the latest Raw to give fans an update on her husband’s recovery and let the world know he appreciated them. But Orton’s interruption and subsequent attack crossed the line, and Edge is now ready for his second TV appearance after his miraculous comeback two months ago.

While nothing has yet been confirmed, it is expected that Randy Orton vs. Edge will be added to the card for WrestleMania 36. The two WWE superstars have waged wars in the past and were also a very successful tag team once upon a time as Rated-RKO, but things have now turned overly personal. Fans are waiting for Edge to get back in the ring again, but they will have their eyes focused on Monday Night Raw next week.

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