Viral Video: Woman Collapses Due To Brain Freeze [Video]

A video featuring a woman collapsing after taking part in a brain freeze competition has suddenly gone viral.

It would appear that she was involved in an event where contestants had to consume a large iced-drink as quickly as possible through a straw. The video has become hugely popular over the last few days even though it was originally put online in 2010, and it has now amassed over 200,000 views.

The competition look like it was held in a water park and begins with an announcer stating, “We call it a brain freeze competition because it will mess with your brain.”

In order to win the startling prize, which the promoter announces is an “express pass which is worth $50,” the four contestants are told that they must down their drink through a straw the fastest.

It is clear from the start that the woman who ultimately collapses is confident, as she drums her fingers on the table and then shoots her other three competitors a perilous glance.

As the event starts, she takes a commanding lead and starts to eye up her competitors near the end of the contest as it becomes clear that she is vying for victory with a challenger.

But then she suddenly stops and decides to back away from the table, probably because she couldn’t handle the consumption of the liquid. The woman proceeds to shake her hands, begins to veer to the right before falling into the table and placing her hand over her mouth in preparation for vomit.

The announcer then proclaims, “Come on girl are you all right?” But the situation soon becomes grave as she looks to balance herself on the table, even attempting to grab the arm of the girl next to her, who simply backs away.

This forces her to fall chin first onto the table, and, with the blue drink dripping out of her mouth, she then crashes to the floor.

The announcer then shouts, “Can we get paramedics to the DJ booth, please.” She is thought to have made a full recovery.

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