Fans Are Concerned About Post Malone After He Stumbles On Stage And Slurs His Words

Fans are worried about chart-topping rapper Post Malone in wake of recent videos showing him exhibiting some strange behavior. The 24-year-old Hollywood’s Bleeding rapper can be seen at times slurring his words and even falls on stage. Fans think he might be overdoing his drinking, according to XXL Mag.

In one video clip, Malone can be seen greeting fans after a show. When one fan asks him for an autograph he appears confused, asking her several times where he was supposed to sign his name. In another video, he is crouched on the ground, seemingly struggling to pick up his microphone and stand back up straight.

It’s no secret that Malone enjoys his booze and cigarettes, which frequently appear in his social media posts and music videos. He is even known to drink Bud Light while he’s performing. But fans wonder if he’s gotten into something more dangerous, perhaps even drugs. This fear was brought up after his eyes rolled to the back of his head during a passionate performance of his hit song “Rockstar.”

“You can’t sit there and tell me that this is normal behavior from Post, it’s not and the man needs help before something bad happens to him. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, he’s not using them for fun anymore, he’s abusing them. it’s too much now, people are worried,” one fan wrote in a tweet along with a video of Post’s recent strange behavior.

Some fans have written the odd behavior off, saying this is just his personality and that he’s just giving a performance and keeping people excited. Still, there seems to be more and more clips of the rapper showing signs of addiction.

“‘That’s just him performing!!! Nothing wrong!’ This is how we lose people. We act like weird behavior is nothing wrong, until something happens and the person ends up seriously injured or dead. He does not look okay, there’s something wrong,” tweeted another worried fan.

Malone has not spoken publicly about suffering from any sort of addiction or addressed the concerns that are being made about him. He is currently traveling across the nation on his “Hollywood’s Bleeding” tour joined by fellow rapper Swae Lee.

Most recently, Malone made headlines when he stopped by Nashville, Tennessee, and hung out with country music singer Carrie Underwood backstage at a gig. The pair appeared to have lot of fun and Malone even introduced Underwood to his mother, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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