Mischa Barton Trashes Her Rumored Replacement On ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ In Brutal Instagram Post

Mischa Barton is firing back after a report this week claimed she was let go from the MTV reality show The Hills: New Beginnings and replaced by socialite Caroline D’Amore.

In a scathing post on Instagram, The O.C. alum claimed the media has the story wrong regarding her departure from the second season of The Hills spinoff and her rumored replacement.

Barton captioned a screenshot of Us Weekly’s report that she will not return for the show’s second season and that D’Amore, a DJ, producer, and the CEO of Pizza Girl Inc., will be taking her spot.

“Lol. Where do people get their reporting from?” Barton wrote. “As if anyone would watch [Caroline D’Amore] try to hoc her boring a** pasta bowls and greasy pizza on tv. Tried that it was like watching paint dry. Get the story straight first.”

In comments on the post, some followers accused Barton of being jealous, while others asked who D’Amore is. In response to commenters on her post, the actress wrote that D’Amore used to be a friend until she “turned” on her over The Hills casting.

“She was someone I brought on the show last season, who the producers told me they didn’t want, who turned on me because she thought that I wasn’t doing enough to help her get on it,” Barton explained. “So not a friend!”

Barton also alleged that The Hills cast and producers were not fans of D’Amore when she tried to get her on the show last season.

“I’m laughing even thinking about how rude the cast & producers were to her…” Barton wrote. “Laughing is pushing it. It’s just sort of sad.”

It wasn’t long before D’Amore issued a response to Barton on her own Instagram page. In the caption to a cheeky pic that shows her holding a “Pizza Girl” box, the entrepreneur thanked Barton for the “surge” in sales for her food empire. She also tagged her former friend to remind her that “real” women don’t bully each other.


Barton has not responded to D’Amore’s post or confirmed the reason for her departure from The Hills: New Beginnings. During the first season of the MTV revival, she was seen going on acting auditions, so it could be that she is focusing on her acting career now.

But an insider told TMZ that The Hills producers found Barton to be “boring” with no interesting storyline to add to the reality show, which also includes veteran cast members Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt. As for D’Amore, she used to party with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton back in her socialite days.

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