Abby Lee Miller Shows Off New Look After Losing Her Hair During Chemotherapy

After losing her hair during chemotherapy, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller finally got to enjoy a special trip to the salon on Wednesday. Miller has grown back enough of her locks that she can leave behind her wig and show off a natural hairdo, and with that in mind, she posted a photo to Instagram to give her followers a glimpse of her new look.

Miller headed to a celebrity hair salon called Sofitel in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. She shared three photos in the post — the first one with the dye being mixed into her hair, and the second featuring her lying back in the chair at the salon while getting her hair washed. She smiled broadly while flashing a thumbs-up sign in the second shot.

In the last photo, Miller debuted the finished product. She now sports her signature auburn brown waves that are now just barely shoulder-length. It was clear she was feeling confident and happy following the salon visit.

“Hair Did! Finally have enough hair to color & trim! Woo Hoo!” she captioned the photo.

Miller finished up her 10th and last round of chemotherapy in April 2019. Since then, she has been wearing a wig that was carefully colored and styled to closely resemble how her hairdo looked before. It seems that for now, this is yet another aspect of her cancer journey she can leave in the past.

As fans of Dance Moms know, Miller was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma — a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma — in 2018. The cancer was discovered during a back surgery she was undergoing. She went through grueling treatments throughout 2019, documenting her progress along the way through social media. She is now cancer-free and is working on rebuilding her strength.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Miller is beginning to walk short distances on her own again after having been confined to a wheelchair for months. Her lack of mobility has, of course, been extremely challenging for her over the past year as it prevents her from being able to do what she loves most, which is to dance. She also recalled feeling “invisible” to others.

“When you’re in a wheelchair, you’re invisible to people. Picture this: When I’m driving down the sidewalk, people walk right into me and trip over my chair. You’re not at eye-level, so people don’t notice you,” she explained of the experience.

Nevertheless, through all the difficulties, she has remained positive that she will gain back the strength and mobility she had prior to her diagnosis.

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