Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth Talk About Their Future Family Plans And Working Together

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth answered a few fans’ questions in a video that they uploaded to their YouTube page. The Counting On stars talked about a wide range of topics, from work to family to Joy-Anna’s hair.

One topic that the couple discussed was their future family plans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some fans thought that Joy-Anna, 22, looked pregnant in an Instagram photo that her older sister Jana posted over the weekend. However, the mother-of-one didn’t say whether she and Austin, 26, are currently expecting. Instead, she and her husband chose to answer a question about whether they want more kids.

“Yes, definitely,” Austin said. “We want more kids.”

Joy-Anna giggled as she agreed with her husband.

“Of course we want more kids,” she said. “It’s just been a long last eight months after a miscarriage with Annabelle, and, yeah, looking forward to what God has in the future, though.”

The pair also addressed questions about what Austin does for a living. He revealed that he owns and operates a small excavation business, and also works as a commercial contractor.

Austin mentioned his business again while answering a question about often he and Joy-Anna go out on dates. He said that, because he’s self-employed, his wife often accompanies him when he’s working. He remarked that this gives the couple the opportunity to “spend a lot of quality of time riding in the truck for hours and talking.” However, Joy-Anna added that it has become harder to leave home with her husband as their son Gideon, 2, has gotten older.

Austin said that he and Joy-Anna try to find a sitter for Gideon “a couple of times” each month so that they can enjoy an actual date night. However, he didn’t share what he and his wife like to do when they go out.

Later on, Joy-Anna spoke about how she and Austin also have the occasional “in-home date night” after Gideon goes to bed. She admitted that making sure that their son goes to sleep by 8 p.m. is one of the secrets to “keeping the fire alive” in her marriage.

While life as a married couple seems to be going pretty great for Joy-Anna and Austin, they both confessed that there are things that they need to improve on. She stated that she needs to learn to be more patient and to “give more” of herself, while he said that he needs to work on “a lot of things.”

“We’re still learning,” Austin admitted. “We don’t have it figured out at all.”

The Q&A video included a few updates on what else has been going on with Joy-Anna and the rest of the Forsyth family. The Duggar daughter revealed that she’s growing out her bangs, even though she “loved” the way they looked. Unfortunately, she said that they ended up being “a lot of work,” so she always pulling them back in a headband.

Joy-Anna briefly spoke about Gideon’s new black Labrador puppy, Brielle. She said that the toddler was a bit “shy” around Brielle at first, and she described the dog as “rambunctious.” She also said that Brielle occasionally scares Gideon, but he loves playing with his new furry friend “when she’s calm.”

The clip ended with an update on Joy-Anna and Austin’s new house. They revealed that they’re still doing a lot of work on it, but they eventually plan on sharing a house tour video with their fans.

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