Kris Bryant Blasts Twitter, Calls Most People Using It ‘Cowards’

Kris Bryant is still not a fan of Twitter and he doesn’t care who knows about it. In a recent interview with USA Today, he talked about a wide variety of things on his mind, but saved his harshest criticism for when he was once again asked how he felt about the social media site. His umbrage wasn’t just with Twitter though, it was with most of the people who use the site. He even called them “cowards” in his response.

“People have problems, but Twitter just takes those problems to 100 levels above the actual problem. Just the constant back-and-forth. Nobody needs to show their face or are accountable for what they have to say or anything. They’re cowards. Most people on Twitter are cowards. That’s why I’m not on Twitter. I’m not a coward.”

That answer came after Bob Nightengale asked Bryant if he still believed Twitter was “the worst thing ever invented.” The third baseman first said he absolutely believed it was the worst thing invented, but then went on to make it clear he understood there were things in the world that were worse. He acknowledged he was being hyperbolic, however he clarified that when he said Twitter was the “worst,” he was being serious.

“On the surface of what we do, and our interaction with people, Twitter is by far the worst,” he continued.

Bryant seems to have loosened up a bit this spring. The Chicago Cubs player has never shied away from the spotlight, but it appears that this year, he’s more comfortable speaking up about all sorts of topics. He’s talked about the effect of the social media platform on society in general more than once. Last month, Bryant also mentioned his disdain for the site was why he doesn’t have an account of his own. In that conversation, he added that people were sending him things all winter. Those items may have contributed to his dislike of Twitter especially.

Most of Cubs Twitter has been focused on one trade rumor after another involving Bryant. Whether he was headed to the Colorado Rockies, the Texas Rangers, or the San Diego Padres, there was always talk about how close the trades were to completion. Several experts believed it would be very surprising if Bryant reported to the Cubs’ spring training. Nevertheless, the third baseman is in camp and expects to be with the team for the foreseeable future.

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