TV Host Calls Jack Black An ‘Absolute D—,’ Says He’s Had Numerous Bad Interviews With The Actor

Actors are often described as having difficult personalities, but it’s not every day that a journalist is so frank about his experiences with one. Apparently, Jack Black is something of a special case. In an interview with The Sun, British television host Vernon Kay described actor Jack Black as a particularly difficult interview.

“I don’t know whether he’d had a hangover or whether it was because I was either the first or last interview of the day but he was horrible. He was an absolute dick, an a**hole,” Kay said.

Kay, who once hosted the show Family Fortunes, said that Black was rude to him as he was coming up as a journalist.

“When you’re so rude, arrogant and pig-faced to a young TV presenter, who’s so nervous and trying to hone his skills, and you’re so arrogant to dismiss that, it’s just not on,” the host said.

Kay added that the actor was the same every time he interviewed him, whether it was for Shallow Hal, School of Rock, Gulliver’s Travels or the other projects that Kay had interviewed him for. He also said that he’s not ashamed of speaking out about his experiences, and hopes that it will “serve as a lesson” for the Jumanji: The Next Level star.

Although Kay’s experience with the actor seems to be overwhelmingly negative, one Reddit post (via People) provides an interesting counterexample. One fan encountered the actor while he was working at a movie theater, and said that Black accidentally spilled his popcorn all over the front row of the theater. The user said that when he came over with a broom to clean up the mess, Black insisted that he sit down so that Black could clean it up instead.

Kay may not have to worry about interviews with the actor for much longer. Although Black has been working in movies for the better part of two decades, he’s now transitioning into work on the television side of the industry. His next project will be as the host of Celebrity Escape Room on NBC. The show will be part of the network’s Red Nose Day fundraiser on May 21. According to reporting from The Hollywood Reporter, Black will act as “game master,” and will lock Friends stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow in a room with Ben Stiller and Adam Scott. From there, it will be the job of the four celebrities to find their way out.

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