‘My 600-LB Life’ Ashley Dunn Bratcher Update: See The 31-Year-Old Mom’s New Progress

Ashley Dunn Bratcher has been back to My 600-LB Life a few times now, and every update has been more upbeat for the woman who once tipped the scales at 725 pounds.

This week, fans of the TLC docu-series got the chance to see yet another update from Ashley and the progress she’s made. While it’s not always been easy, it seems that she is still on the road to success.

As Distractify noted in its preview of this week’s My 600-LB Life episode, Ashley already dropped nearly half her body weight since the first time she appeared in 2016. In a 2018 Where Are They Now? special, Ashley revealed that over the course of two years since entering the strict weight-loss program, she lost a total of 350 pounds and regained much of her ability to move without pain.

Ashley appears to have continued on her weight-loss track since her last appearance, though it was not clear just how much progress she made. Bratcher does have a public Facebook page and has shared some pictures with a noticeably slimmer look than when she first appeared on the show, though it did not come easy.

As Bratcher revealed in a 2017 interview with People magazine (via Distractify), the weight-loss surgery she underwent while featured on My 600-LB Life was “one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.” She said that the surgery was an important step toward her goal, but it was on her to change the mindset that led her to gain a dangerous amount of weight. Ashley explained that she needed to learn how to control her food cravings and how to not let her emotions lead to eating.

The weight loss brought other complications, including loose skin that Ashley said made it difficult for her to move. This led her to worry that if it became too difficult again, she may turn to eating.

But Ashley’s commitment led to some other major progress beyond the weight loss. In her first update, Ashley noted that she was not able to go anywhere with her family or even take care of her son before the weight loss. Trips to the store were impossible, she explained, both because it was too difficult and painful and because she was too self-conscious. With her amazing weight loss, Ashley once again had the ability to be an active member of her family.

Those who want to look for more updates from Ashley can keep an eye on her Facebook page or watch the show’s official page on TLC, where updates are regularly posted.

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