Reality Steve Dismisses Latest ‘The Bachelor’ Rumors That Peter Weber’s With Kelley Flanagan

Next week, fans of The Bachelor will find out exactly how Peter Weber’s journey to find love ends. Since spoilers pinpointing the outcome have not yet been unveiled, fans are putting together a lot of theories about what they think happens. Contestant Kelley Flanagan was eliminated several episodes ago, but some viewers feel confident she somehow plays into the ending. However, spoiler king Reality Steve is doing his best to debunk that theory in his new blog post.

As The Bachelor fans saw this season, Kelley and Peter actually met prior to when filming started. She was attending the wedding of a good friend of hers in mid-August in what happened to be the same hotel in which Peter was celebrating his high school reunion. The two mentioned this chance meeting on the show, but it didn’t seem to have a significant impact on what transpired after that.

Now, some The Bachelor fans think that August night ended up being quite significant in terms of who Peter is with now. One theory that has spread across social media, as Reality Steve notes, is that Peter and Kelley actually slept together at that time and now she is pregnant.

Kelley was not included in the Women Tell All episode recently pre-filmed, and this has mystified viewers. She did play a fairly significant role in what happened during Peter’s season and she has said she had not been asked by production to participate.

It seems that this somewhat mysterious exclusion prompted some The Bachelor spoiler fans to believe that perhaps Kelley is pregnant and showing, and that’s why she was left out of the Women Tell All.

Granted, if Kelley were indeed pregnant from that encounter last August with Peter, she would certainly be quite visibly pregnant. In fact, she’d be quite far along at this point.

Despite not being on the stage for the Women Tell All, Kelley was in Los Angeles that weekend and hung out with her friends from The Bachelor. Plenty of photos from their evening of fun were shared on social media, including on her own Instagram page. It’d be hard to make the argument that Kelley’s hitting her third trimester of pregnancy based on those photos.

Another part of the argument in this theory is that Peter’s family all has started following Kelley on Instagram. The Bachelor fans rallying around this Kelley theory is that if Peter’s mom, dad, and brother are all following her on social media while not following the other key ladies, this must mean something significant.

All of this has melded together to have some fans of The Bachelor convinced that Peter reunited with Kelley at some point after filming and is currently dating her — and that she is possibly pregnant on top of that.

Reality Steve says that is absolutely not the case.

“Stop it. Just stop. Save it. Peter is not with Kelley. Period. End of story,” Reality Steve insists.

While all signs point toward The Bachelor ending being non-traditional, Reality Steve is adamant that Kelley is not involved. Peter continues to play coy about his current status and that’s prompting some pretty out-there theories. One way or another, fans will find out the outcome of this season next Tuesday night and it’ll be interesting to see how everything pieces together.

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