Blac Chyna Says Rob Kardashian Is ‘Too Afraid To Leave The House,’ Can’t Care For Daughter

The battle between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian continues, and the 31-year-old model says that things are so bad with her ex’s mental health that he can’t even leave the house or take care of their daughter.

According to Us Weekly, Chyna claims that Rob is “afraid” to leave his home and is so depressed that he has contemplated suicide.

“Respondent tells me all of that time that he is depressed, and has on occasion mentioned that he felt like killing himself,” according to recent court documents filed by Chyna. “Respondent has trouble leaving the house.”

Things are so bad, she claims, that he isn’t able to care for their 3-year-old daughter Dream.

“All of the places he says Dream goes during his custodial time, Dream is going there with a nanny or family member because respondent is too afraid to leave the house.”

Rob denied the claim that he was depressed or afraid to leave the house. Instead, he argued that he and his family are famous public figures means that he avoided being captured by photographers from time to time.

“There was a time when any paparazzi photo of me immediately led to very incessant negative remarks about my appearance. So yes, for a period of time, I did not want to subject myself to that; I am not sure why anyone would.”

Last month, Chyna requested that the court review the state of Rob’s mental health, a move that could delay their upcoming court appearance.

But Chyna says that she has only seen Rob four times since October 2017, and it has made co-parenting a challenge.

Chyna has also previously said that she believes Rob uses drugs and drinks alcohol to excess. Again, he denied these assertions, saying that he doesn’t use any illegal substance.

Rob has also filed documents with the court to request that Chyna be tested for drugs, something that Chyna’s attorney dismissed as an attempt on Rob’s behalf to harm her reputation so that he can gain full custody of Dream. In January, a judge denied his request for primary custody.

In previous documents, as The Inquisitr reported, Chyna has admitted that she wrapped a phone charging cord around Rob’s neck during a fight. She also admitted that she ripped his shirt, but denied that she was trying to choke him or that she had scratched him during the battle.

The couple broke up in February 2017 after being engaged. They’ve been battling over custody of their daughter ever since.

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