The worst job in the NFL

The Chicago Bears cannot seem to find a new Offensive Coordinator. It may have something to do with the poor state of their team, a notoriously hard to work with QB, a head coach that is about to get fired, and a miserable set of circumstance that make success hard to come by. Things for the Bears could not be any worse; in fact the y traded their 2010 second round draft pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a guy who died. Talk about your bad situations. While many would say being on the staff of the Detroit Lions would be the worst NFL job, but the Bears inability to find a new Offensive Coordinator seems to suggest that the Bears job is actually the worse.

Think about it, beyond the bad luck stated about, a new OC in Chicago would have to work with a Head Coach who is probably going to be fired, a Defensive Line Coach that carries the stigma of being the only NFL Head Coach to lead a team to a winless season, and a front office that needs to be swept aside in the style of the Cleveland Browns.

For the second year in a row the Bears will not have a first or a second round pick in the draft. This limits their chances to improve their roster, and makes the job of Offensive Coordinator a tough pill to swallow. Major changes need to happen within the Bears organization before they will be able to attract quality candidates for nay job openings.

The new Bears OC will have to turn Jay Cutler into what he was in Denver in one year, with limited resources around him, or everyone is going to get fired. More than this being a problem with the coaching staff, it seems this is a problem with the front office. They have overpaid for guys, traded away far too many draft picks, and fired a coordinator without a plan to replace him.

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