Alex Trebek Donates $100,000 To Help Fight Poverty And Homelessness

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek showed his true generosity by recently donating $100,000 to the nonprofit Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, which works to help alleviate poverty and homelessness in Los Angeles, California. His donation will greatly assist those less fortunate as well as help with the upkeep of the homeless shelters the organization operates, according to Yahoo! News.

Ken Craft, the president and CEO of the charity, said Trebek surprised him with the donation and noted how the money will make a huge difference in the lives of many. He explained that Trebek called him personally in January and told him that he’d been keeping up with the organization’s efforts. He also asked if he could have a tour of their North Hollywood shelter, which had recently been built.

Craft provided Trebek with the tour and explained a little bit about how the organization works and their financials. Just two weeks later, Trebek called Craft again and invited him to come to his house. It was then that Trebek handed him a $100,000 check. Craft was both shocked and moved by Trebek’s selfless gesture, he explained.

“It just moved me because here he is — he has his own challenges, his own health issues that he’s working through — and yet instead of it being about Alex, it’s about others. His focus is outward to the community and helping those who are suffering. I think it really speaks to the kind of man that he is. Not only is he generous, he’s compassionate, he’s caring but he’s also thoughtful. He wanted to do due diligence to make sure that we are a good organization and it’s a good investment of his finances.”

While Trebek would typically be private and handle his philanthropic work anonymously, he provided Craft the permission to publicize the donation in hopes of encouraging others to also be generous and help those in need.

Trebek has encouraged many not only by this donation, but by his strength and resilience since receiving a diagnosis of stage four pancreatic cancer last spring. He informed fans of his condition after an episode of Jeopardy!, assuring them that while his prognosis was bleak, he had ever intention of fighting and becoming a survivor. He has remained positive since the diagnosis, even after having problems with his chemotherapy. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trebek intends to continue hosting Jeopardy! as long as he is able.

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