Kirsten Dunst Endorses Bernie Sanders As Super Tuesday Showdowns Begin

The Bernie Sanders campaign got a bit of a shot in the arm just as Super Tuesday polls around the country started to close. On Tuesday evening, veteran actress Kirsten Dunst lent her support to the Democratic presidential candidate. She posted her support on Twitter with the campaign’s famous tag line as well as a picture of her with an explanation as to why she was picking Sanders over the other candidates in the race.

The timing of the announcement was interesting at the very least, as the young people a celebrity like Dunst would be attracting have likely already voted on Super Tuesday, or no longer could because the polls were closed or closing. On the other hand, there’s no chance any candidate, whether it be Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, is going to lock up the Democratic nomination even if they win every state that’s busy voting.

The endorsement also comes on a day when early exit polling showed there were not a lot of young people going to the polls. The Inquisitr earlier reported that just 13 percent of young people were turning up to vote. The 18-29-year-old demographic is a big one for Bernie Sanders who has gotten most of his support both in his 2016 campaign and this one, from that group.

Kirsten Dunst no longer fits into that age range but the 37-year-old actress is still someone well known by the younger generations for a wide swath of movies that deal with issues most important to young adults. If nothing else, the announcement the actor is supporting Bernie Sanders could be a shot in the arm for how his campaign is discussed as the news programs discuss Super Tuesday results.

Analysts believe Joe Biden might have stolen a bit of the Vermont senator’s thunder when he won a convincing battle in the South Carolina primary on Saturday. Social media was certainly abuzz about Dunst’s announcement both from Sanders supporters who were welcoming her aboard the campaign and people who didn’t agree with her choice.

Because it’s Twitter there were also people who were simply making fun of her name trending. One person tweeted, “saw Kirsten Dunst trending, and I thought Spider-Man failed to save her this time!” Alluding to the general jokes that always come when a celebrity’s name starts to make the rounds on social media and people either joke or are seriously concerned something terrible has happened to them.

Kirsten Dunst joins a growing list of celebrity Bernie Sanders supporters, though it’s unclear if that support will move the needle at the polls.

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