Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Works Her Obliques In Bright Purple Leggings And A White Sports Bra

Ashleigh Jordan gave her 3.1 million Instagram followers another dose of “fitspiration” this week with a new, multi-slide post. The upload was shared on her feed on Monday and included a set of instructional videos for an oblique workout.

For the demonstration, the fitness model wore a pair of bright purple leggings that showcased her sculpted legs, as well as a white, longline sports bra. She completed the look with silver sneakers and a dainty necklace and tied her blond tresses back in a low ponytail to keep them out of her face. In the caption of her post, Ashleigh noted that the workout alone could not “spot reduce fat,” but in combination with a healthy diet and cardio, fans were sure to reach their fitness goals.

Ashleigh kicked off her workout with a variation of the standing bird dog exercise. She balanced on one foot and slowly kicked the other one out behind her. At the same time, she carefully pushed both arms out in front of her while bending her upper body forward before returning to her starting position.

Up next was a set of weighted bicycle crunches. For this move, Ashleigh laid on her back across her black workout mat. She held a purple exercise ball in her hands, which she moved from side to side by twisting her abdomen. Simultaneously, the fitness trainer lifted her legs up in the air and pushed them forward one at a time in a pedal motion as if she was riding a bicycle.

Ashleigh’s next set of exercises was in and outs. She was still in the crunch position for the workout, though she propped her upper body up with her arms. In front of her were two small orange cones. She extended her legs on the outer side of one of the cones then brought them back toward her chest while twisting her body so that she would land in between the cones for her next leg extension. She repeated this move and twisted her body even further so her legs would hit the outer side of the second cone.

The final exercise in Ashleigh’s “love handle” routine was crossbody reaches with leg raises. The move began with Ashleigh lying with her back flat on the mat with both legs lifted up at a 90-degree angle. She reached one arm across her body toward the opposite knee and then did the same with the other arm. She then brought each leg separately down tot he ground and back up to its starting position.

Ashleigh’s latest video update proved to be a hit with her Instagram followers. It has racked up more than 51,000 likes within its first 24 hours of going live, as well as several comments from fans with both compliments for the routine as well as her eye-popping look.

“Those leggings!!! I love that color!” one person wrote.

Another said that Ashleigh had “the best workout videos.”

“Love how slow and controlled you perform these exercises,” commented a third.

While Ashleigh offers training programs on her website, she often takes to her Instagram page to share a variety of workout routines with her fans. She recently demonstrated a circuit of tricep exercises that she promised were “worth the try.” That sweat session also proved popular with the trainer followers, who awarded the upload nearly 50,000 likes.

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