Blake Shelton Shares Life Lessons In New Instagram Post

Blake Shelton shared some words of wisdom and life lessons in a new Instagram post. In the post, he told followers one of the many things he has learned and what he hopes to pass along to them.

The Voice coach expressed himself in the caption of a new video. The country superstar and beau of Gwen Stefani sat down to speak directly to his followers, hopeful that his words would mean something to them.

“Change is hard, it’s not something I am very good at handling,” he remarked in the black-and-white clip. He then quipped that is why the coaches wear the same clothing on the series for weeks at a time.

Blake was then seen speaking to an unseen person and claimed that he knows what works for him and the other person that is off-camera is still searching.

“When I do change I like it to look similar to the last look that I had,” said the singer and songwriter, whose words were superimposed over four images of Blake wearing almost the same style of clothing in Seasons 1, 9, 14, and 18.

The share has received over 18,000 views and counting, with well over 250 comments. Many fans thought the clip was hilarious and showcased Blake’s tongue-in-cheek humor he so proudly displays weekly on the reality competition singing series.

“You are the most talented, funny judge on The Voice! I love your music. You can coach the voice to win! You’re going to get another win! Much love, denim man. I love Gwen, by the way,” said one fan of the singer.

“I love you Blake Shelton you are my favorite singer, entertainer, you make me laugh and you will always be my Favorite Coach and the reason I watch The Voice. And you’ll always be the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE,” remarked a second enthusiastic follower of the senior coach of the series.

Blake continues to maintain a steady presence on the series as its most senior cast member. He has been with the show since its debut in April 2011 when he sat alongside Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera in the show’s infamous big red chairs.

Still the coach with the most overall wins, six total prior to this season, Blake is trying for a seventh win. He is currently working alongside Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas as they each attempt to group together performers for their respective teams, which could potentially have the voice of the season located within them.

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