‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculations: Josslyn’s Journal May Become A Problem For Dev

Josslyn Jacks has been keeping a journal for a while now, and so many things are going down on General Hospital right now that she certainly has her share of thoughts to ponder. Spoilers for the week of March 2 tease that things will be quite tense in Port Charles. Soap Central says that GH will be facing a crisis, and it sounds like it may be heading toward another potential shooting or kidnapping.

Joss is right in the middle of the mob war going on between her stepdad Sonny Corinthos and Cyrus Renault. Her journal is full of her most private thoughts, but that could also get her and her loved ones into major trouble if it should ever get into the wrong hands. The current print version of ABC Soaps In Depth hints that this may end up becoming a reality for Josslyn. She has been almost obsessed about writing in her journal. Is there a reason why it’s brought up so often?

Will someone eventually read what Joss has written? As seen in previous episodes of General Hospital, she has become quite smitten with her teacher, Dustin Phillips, who also happens to be involved with Lulu. Dustin recently saved Josslyn’s life during the shootout on the waterfront. He has become her hero, and he also was the one who suggested that she write down her thoughts in a journal. Her feelings toward her teacher is bound to be in that book as well.

Her secret thoughts also include Dev. The Corinthos family is keeping the secret that Dev is not who he says he is. As the magazine indicated, Joss most likely has her whole life in that journal, including the situation with Dev and her family’s dangerous life. If the PCPD or an enemy of Sonny’s gets their hands on it, there could be some major trouble coming their way.

Brando Corbin is now hanging around, and General Hospital fans seem to think that he shouldn’t be trusted so quickly. Sonny seems to have him in the fold now. If Joss leaves her journal lying around accidentally, it would be pretty easy for Brando to snag it and use it to nab Sonny if he turns out to be a bad guy after all.

That journal has become a source of irritation for both Cam and Trina lately. Their BFF has been spending way too much time writing in it rather than spending time with them. While Dustin suggested journaling as way to help her cope with Oscar’s death, it has almost turned into an obsession with Josslyn. With so much emphasis put on that book, it seems to hint that it may be getting into the wrong hands eventually.

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