AEW News: Brandi Rhodes Shares Opinion On Husband Cody’s New Neck Tattoo

At this weekend’s All Elite Wrestling Revolution pay-per-view, Cody Rhodes surprised fans with a new look. The “American Nightmare” came out to the ring sporting a tattoo on his neck, boasting art that represents his gimmick. However, his wife Brandi Rhodes isn’t a fan of the ink.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, Brandi shared her thoughts on the matter during a post-event press conference. According to AEW’s chief branding officer, it was an unexpected and bold decision on his part, and while she isn’t a fan, she revealed that she can’t control her husband’s actions.

“I’m the one person that doesn’t like the neck tattoo, I don’t like it. I’ve said it, there it is. I know a lot of wives like to be really hands on. My husband makes his own decisions, he’s allowed to make his own decisions. So if I decided to do something crazy, he can just let me make my own decisions [laughs].”

Cody’s tattoo is an image of an American flag which takes up a substantial portion of his neck. It’s probably going to take some time before Brandi gets used to it, as up until now he hasn’t had any noticeable ink on his body.

When AEW uploaded the photo to the company’s official Twitter account, several fans also shared their displeasure. While some were complimentary of the tattoo itself, the general consensus was that the neck was a bad place to get it. One fan even went so far as to set up a GoFundMe to raise money to pay for its removal.

However, the tattoo is a tribute to Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, whose memory he’s been trying to honor since he co-founded AEW. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Cody’s determination to preserve his father’s legacy has also resulted in him experiencing a “legal nightmare” with WWE over trademarks, but this gesture is certainly more creative.

The unexpected change in appearance didn’t do much to help Cody’s performance at the pay-per-view, however. He lost in his match with MJF, who he’s been feuding with for several months now. Of course, the rivalry is far from over, and Cody will have opportunities to pick up a win at a later date.

Cody wasn’t the only superstar to drastically change his appearance over the weekend, either. On Friday’s WWE 205 Live, Jack Gallagher returned to action covered in tattoos and showcasing some new facial hair, although Cody’s look has undoubtedly received more attention.

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