‘G. I. Joe: Retaliation’ ‘Crawl To Victory’ Clip Released Online [Video]

G I Joe: Retaliation opens tonight in theaters, and one last clip is here to tide you over.

This time around, G I Joe isn’t just fighting Cobra. G I Joe is fighting the US government itself, controlled unknowingly by Zartan. The threats he creates jeopardize their very existence, especially after wiping out all but a few of them.

The clip starts with a black screen and men yelling:

“… I’m taking rounds back here!”

“I need you, I need you now!”

“I called an air strike!”

We then see Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson) and Duke (Channing Tatum) playing PlayStation with headsets, revealing that the entire first few seconds were just a fake-out.

Duke starts fidgeting with his controller, “Wait, how do you … how do you call in an air strike? Can I bring … what about one of those, like … package things?”

Roadblock replies, “I’m leaving now, and I need you…”

Duke cuts in, “You know how to use a package thingy?”

The conversation continues a bit more before Roadblock says, “I’m bleeding now, and what are you … are you crawling?”

Duke says, “I’m gonna crawl to victory, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Roadblock says, “How can you be so good at combat when you stink at this?”

Duke replies, “I think you need to relax, and I outrank you last time I checked.”

Roadblock tells Duke, “Not in my house, you don’t.”

Roadblock’s kids come racing out of another room and tackle Duke, who starts ducking, “I’m taking fire … enemy fire!”

The kids knock Duke’s headset off and one of the girls grabs his ear, “You have big ears.”

Duke looks over at her, “You got a big head,” before wrestling them to the couch playfully.

The rest of the clip is below.

Are you excited to see G I Joe: Retaliation?

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