Abby Lee Miller Shares A Video Of Herself Walking Out Of The Hospital After Months Of Being In A Wheelchair

On Friday, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller shared a video to her Instagram feed of herself walking out of a California hospital. The 53-year-old famous dance instructor was left unable to walk after grueling cancer treatments. After many months of being confined to a wheelchair, Miller is slowly but surely gaining her strength back.

In the video, Miller is clearly proud to show off her physical progress, as she is beaming from ear to ear as she walks out the hospital’s automatic doors. She grips the handles of her walker as she takes slow but steady steps outside. Her friends can be heard cheering her on in the background. Miller wore all black athletic wear and a pair of sneakers, her hair curled perfectly.

Miller was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma — a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma — in 2018. The cancer was discovered when she was undergoing surgery on her spine. She was forced to undergo additional surgeries, as well as radiation and chemotherapy, to fight the cancer.

In addition to losing her mobility, she also lost her hair. Through it all, she has remained positive that she will one day be able to dance again.

Miller is looking healthier than she has in a long time, having lost weight and undergoing a recent face lift. The dance instructor opened up about the face lift during an episode of The Doctors, earlier this month. It was well known plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Simoni who performed the procedure.

He joined Miller for the episode to talk about the procedure and show off his incredible work, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Despite how painful the procedure sounded and how apprehensive she was about it, Miller couldn’t be more excited about the results and is glad she went through with it.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, you look so young, you look so fresh, you look this, you look that.’ So how long does it last? Like, how much time do I have before it starts to fall?! Everyone keeps telling me how great I look. I didn’t think I looked that bad,” she said with a laugh.

The host of the show, celebrity doctor Dr. Andrew Ordon, praised Dr. Simoni for a job well done. He pointed out that while there was a drastic difference in Miller’s before-and-after photos, she didn’t look like an entirely new person.

“The point is that it’s still you. You look like yourself, and that’s the key — that the results are very natural,” he said.

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