Ridley Scott Struggles To Continue ‘Prometheus’ Franchise

IsPrometheus 2 doomed? Fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you ask, this might be the case. Director Ridley Scott, who’s famous for the Alien films is said to be in a bit of a binder with the sequel, which is said to explain just how aliens took over our world.

According to reports both Ridley Scott and Fox have no idea how to continue on with the series. Prometheus, which acts as a prequel to the Alien franchise, was planned on becoming its separate trilogy, but now that Scott and Fox are in a blunder on how to continue on, it doesn’t look like we will find out as an audience on how Aliens came to be anytime soon.

However this may not upset people. Prometheus didn’t satisfy everyone. Audiences were torn while critics fought for or against the film. The talk about how the film faired all led up to writer Damon Lindelof’s exiting from the franchise. This left Scott to figure out the next steps for Prometheus 2.

In the beginning the promise of a sequel seemed sweet. Star Noomi Rapace was set to return and as of last month said the film had a script and that the said script was “incredible.” So what happened? Was that just talk? We may not know whether or not that was just Rapace’s enthusiasm or just her way of building up height.

What we do know is that months after Prometheus hit theaters, Fox executives were running around trying to get a solid idea on a script for Prometheus 2, and it doesn’t look like they have come up with anything yet. According to a source Fox has been taking meetings with “basically anyone” who could solve this conundrum for Prometheus 2.

It’s a wonder why Fox is even going forward with a Prometheus trilogy seeing as it failed to satisfy critics and fans.

Are you looking forward to seeing a Prometheus 2?

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