Sean Penn’s Son Hurls Racial, Gay Slurs At Photographer

Sean Penn’s son is apparently heading down the same path that once landed his father in a heap of legal trouble — fighting with the paparazzi.

Hopper Penn, the award winning actor’s 19-year-old offspring, was involved in a nasty altercation with a photographer in California yesterday. The incident, caught on video, allegedly culminated in Hopper viciously unleashing a string of racial and homophobic slurs.

The confrontation reportedly began with a paparazzo snapping photos of Sean Penn as he entered an office building in Beverly Hills.

The elder Penn made his way past the photographer without incident. However, Hopper allegedly decided to go with a more aggressive approach.

In the video footage, Sean Penn’s son can be seen following behind his father before appearing to rush at the photographer, possibly shoving the man.

Hopper and the paparazzo quickly enter into a heated verbal exchange.

The photographer, who has only been identified as an African-American male, can be heard exclaiming, “What the hell?”

As Hopper continues making his way into the building he retorts with, “You f***ing kidding me?”

In the video, the pair continue to snipe at each other with the paparazzo quipping, “Don’t play yourself. Don’t ever do that, dude.”

Sean Penn’s son reportedly responds by throwing up his middle finger and hurling a homophobic slur at the man, calling him a “f***ing f****t.”

The photographer can be heard calling after Sean Penn, asking if this is the “kind of talk” he’s teaching his son. While the actor disappears from sight without response, his son issues a final verbal blow by calling the paparazzo a “f***ing n****r.”

Police officers, who were reportedly nearby and overheard the disturbance, spoke with the photographer. The man allegedly played video footage he captured of the incident for the officers, but apparently declined to take any legal action. Instead, the paparazzo reportedly chalked the nasty event up to a verbal argument and let the matter slide.

Meanwhile, Sean Penn’s son had a few more words to share, this time in the form of an explanation. Following his unfortunate encounter with the photographer, Hopper offered this to TMZ:

“I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal — threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions. I deeply regret my choice of words.”

If you’d like to form your own opinion of Hopper’s actions, the nasty altercation between Sean Penn’s son and the paparazzo can be seen in an exclusive video on the TMZwebsite.

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