Meghan McCain Likens Herself To Lady Gaga Because They’re Both The ‘More Famous One’ In A Relationship

The women of The View weighed in on Lady Gaga’s newest love interest – a man who is not a celebrity – and during the conversation, Meghan McCain revealed that she related to the pop singer because she, too, has been the most famous one in her relationships.

As The Daily Beast reports, the co-hosts were chatting about a recently published New York Times column in which the author said that her ex-boyfriend of seven years is dating Lady Gaga. In the piece, she discusses her insecurities, the experience of comparing herself to a star, and the phenomenon of seeing an ex plastered across social media.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg noted that the author eventually concluded that it was motivating to compare oneself to one of the biggest stars in the world.

McCain took issue with the article and felt that the columnist, a senior staff editor at the New York Times opinion department, was trying to exploit her past relationship for notoriety.

“I read the article and I thought it was so tacky and so trashy and I really hate that she’s exploiting Lady Gaga’s new love,” McCain said.

She went on to add that when she started dating her now-husband, his ex-girlfriend wasn’t happy with the situation.

“I also have a little experience with being the more famous one in the relationship and having exes freak out when they found out they’re dating you,” McCain said. “When I was dating my husband and it became public, one of his ex-girlfriends was not happy about it at all.”

McCain said that she didn’t like the fact that, in her opinion, the author was trying to make the situation all about her.

“I don’t like any of this,” she added.

McCain said that it appears as though the “Bad Romance” singer is happy in her current relationship with this “mystery man,” judging by the images on social media.

In response, co-host Joy Behar said that she too had something in common with Lady Gaga: their gynecologist. Because she was so intimately linked with the singer, she joked that she needed to “recuse” herself from the discussion.

“So you’re basically best friends,” McCain joked.

None of the frequent animosity was on display during the segment, as the ladies joked and laughed together, and McCain has previously denied the rumors that there is tension behind-the-scenes on the show between her and the other women.

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