Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Detail That Willow Makes A Decision That Surprises Michael

Willow Tait has had to deal with a devastating shocker in recent days. General Hospital spoilers detail that during Friday’s episode, she will make a decision of some sort. Whatever it is she decides comes next for her will seemingly come as a surprise to Michael, though. From the sounds of things, it’s not necessarily a good surprise that she’s going to be sharing.

As viewers know, Willow never had any idea that her biological son had died and that Wiley wasn’t hers. Chase is desperate to support her through her grieving, but she has definitely pulled away from him. Elizabeth consoled Willow as she wept over the grave of the baby she now knows is hers and now, she seems prepared to reveal a baby-related decision of some sort.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show shares that Chase and Willow will be together and he’ll make a remark about making the very best choices for Wiley. His tone seems fairly light but she looks quite serious as she responds.

Without looking at Chase, the new spoilers detail that Willow will say that she knows what that best move is. Based on the teasers coming from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds like she’ll waste little time in connecting with Michael to share her thoughts with him.

Apparently, whatever it is that Willow has in mind will come as a shock for Michael. Spoilers for General Hospital suggest that she’ll have a very difficult time dealing with the reality of this situation in the days ahead. Fans have wondered if she may gravitate away from Chase and toward Michael due to Wiley.

As for what this shocker is that Willow presents, fans have a few ideas. It may be that she requests that a DNA test be done on Wiley, which isn’t necessarily an outrageous request. In reality, if something like this were to happen in real life, it seems rather likely that a DNA test and a lot of legal work would be involved before the little boy’s custody gets fully settled.

The decision or request Willow has in mind could certainly something else, like wanting to remain a part of Wiley’s life or perhaps essentially refusing to accept that the baby isn’t her biological son. She also may ask for Michael’s help in having testing done on the baby who was buried as Jonah to find out for sure that he was her son and confirm how and when he died.

What will Willow have in mind and will it be too much for Michael to consider? Can Willow and Chase survive this crisis as a couple or will it break them apart? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are still a lot of difficult days ahead for all involved. It’s clear that not everybody will get a happy ending.

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