‘Beforeigners’ Is The Time-Traveling Viking Series That ‘Vikings’ Fans Have Been Looking For

For fans of History Channel’s Vikings who are waiting for the final episodes of Season 6 to air, HBO may have a series that will help fill the hole left by the historical drama show, according to Digital Spy.

While released last year, Beforeigners has just arrived on HBO. It tells the story of how a mass group of ancient Vikings have traveled through time and wound up on the streets of present-day Oslo in Norway. In fact, this strange and unexplained phenomenon has bought back not only Vikings but thousands of people from other periods of time as well. As a result of this, the series explores the hate and discrimination these “beforeigners” face in their new timeframe.

The show opens by introducing the initial arrival of these time travelers. It also centers around a murder investigation of a Stone Age woman found on the beach. This investigation leads to the discovery of a vicious killer who is targeting the beforeigners, according to Gizmodo. Introducing the lead law enforcement characters — a “Viking warrior-turned-police officer” named Alfhildr (Blade Runner 2049‘s Krista Kosonen) and her “modern-day partner” (Nicolai Cleve Broch) — the story further develops the clash between the present-day people and those who owned the landscape centuries ago.

The series is not only considered a crime show but falls firmly into the genre of satire as the first episode introduces the characters and the clashes between the cultures resulting from the different timeframes. For example, one character is introduced as a blogger who posts about her experience of being married to a caveman. All of the subject matter — even though often comparable to the current-day refugee crisis — can also be seen by way of a humorous lens.

This new HBO series is headed by Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin — the same people who helmed Lilyhammer. While they have vastly different premises, both shows can be considered to fall into the crime and satire genres. It is also the first Norwegian-language series produced by HBO Europe, which means it will contain English subtitling.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vikings will head into the second half of its final season later in the year. While this new series on HBO is vastly different from its History Channel counterpart, it still features some familiar characters which should keep Vikings fans entertained.

The trailer for Season 1 of Beforeigners is below.

Beforeigners is currently streaming on HBO Now and HBO Go across the U.S. Additional episodes will be added every Tuesday.

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