Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Curtis Nudges Jordan, Jason Suggests An ‘Accident,’ & Taggert Needs Help

The mob war is escalating quickly in Port Charles and General Hospital spoilers hint that big moves are on the way. Taggert approached Sonny about coordinating efforts to take down Cyrus. Unfortunately, during Thursday’s episode, it looks like Cyrus and his henchmen may be a step ahead of the Port Charles crew.

General Hospital spoilers for the February 27 show tease that Cameron and Trina will learn that their plans to attend the dance together have been dangerously interrupted. It appears that Cyrus is ready to make another huge move to retaliate against Taggert and this will seemingly force some unlikely alliances in the days ahead.

In the sneak peek for Thursday’s show posted on Twitter, Jordan and Curtis will be having an intense talk. They know that Taggert approached Sonny about working together and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Curtis will suggest moving forward on it. Jordan might be resistant, but considering the circumstances, she may have to pull in every resource she can.

As Jordan and Curtis discuss their next steps, Sonny and Jason will be considering theirs. This is both personal and business for Sonny, since Cyrus is trying to take over territory in Port Charles and has already made moves against the Corinthos family to accomplish it. He’s not going to want to treat this situation lightly and it seems Jason has some bold suggestions.

Jason will mention that perhaps an accident can be arranged and General Hospital spoilers hint that Sonny may be open to it. The sneak peek doesn’t definitively reveal that the two men are discussing Cyrus. However, it seems pretty likely that they are considering eliminating Cyrus or someone in his organization.

Thursday’s episode will also have Taggert on the go and reaching out for assistance. General Hospital spoilers share that he will make a phone call Curtis, telling him he needs help. Will this be in regard to what’s developing with Cameron and Trina?

It’s not known yet how quickly Taggert will find out about Cam and Trina being in a car with a henchman who works for Cyrus. If Taggert’s call is about this, it’s also not known yet what he thinks Curtis can do to help. However, it is guaranteed that Taggert will be infuriated when he learns that Trina’s been pulled into this and it will probably escalate this war to the next level quite quickly.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that this may be the episode that brings a proposal from TJ to Molly. He was ready to pop the question a few episodes ago, but comments Molly made about marriage and weddings gave him pause. Now, Neil will encourage him to go for it and Alexis will seemingly suspect something’s up, too.

Soap Central suggests that Molly may hesitate in giving TJ an answer. It also seems possible that the proposal will be interrupted, as General Hospital spoilers suggest that something dangerous and significant may be about to happen at the Metro Court. Fans will have a lot to keep track of during Thursday’s show and they can’t wait to see what comes next.

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