‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dev Faces Questions From Carly

Some big questions are going to be raised during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there are major developments coming with the mob war, but some situations currently on the edges of this battle will get some attention, too. Carly has questions for Dev, and fans are curious to hear his answers.

Toward the end of Wednesday’s episode, Carly found a bullet in Dev’s backpack. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek shared via Twitter reveal that Carly won’t hold back on trying to figure out why he had this in his bag.

During Wednesday’s show, Josslyn convinced Dev to sneak out of the Corinthos house and head to the dance. However, Carly happened upon Dev’s backpack and the contents spilled out, revealing the bullet he had stashed in there. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will manage to catch up with Dev and Joss, and she won’t mince words.

As Carly confronts Dev, he’ll look rather stone-faced as Josslyn watches in shock. The chances are that there’s a fairly innocuous reason why he has this that will turn this potentially explosive confrontation into nothing all that significant. However, General Hospital fans have been speculating that this could be something juicy.

Ever since Dev first showed up unexpectedly in Port Charles, fans have wondered if he is hiding any intriguing secrets. Little is known about his background and virtually nothing is known about his true family. Dev happened upon Sonny months ago when the mob king was in Turkey looking for Dante, and the teen showed up in Port Charles sometime later.

Given all of that, there are some fans who wonder if there’s much more to Dev than being an abandoned teen from Turkey. Now, this mysterious bullet is sparking some fresh rounds of speculation.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Carly will be alarmed during Thursday’s show. This seems likely connected to this situation with Dev.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Trina and Cameron will be in major trouble during this episode. It seems likely that word on this will spread quickly to worry others connected to Sonny, and that could be what this teaser about Carly is ultimately about.

What’s the scoop on this bullet that Carly found in Dev’s backpack? Is there an innocent explanation or is this a hint at something much more complex related to the teen?

At this point, the scenario is that Dev is heading off to boarding school and leaving Port Charles. However, it seems doubtful that he’s really going anywhere.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s a lot more on the way involving the teen crew, and Thursday’s show should reveal quite a bit more regarding what’s ahead.

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