Prince William Losing Job? RAF Search And Rescue Company Privatized

Is Prince William losing his job? The Royal Air Force (RAF) search and rescue company that currently employs Prince William is being privatized to an American company, leading many to say that a pink slip is a certainty.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Prince William may lose his job, but he’ll still be a personal aide-de-camp to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

The position is also held by some senior officers in the UK’s armed services and involves duties such as attending the Queen at the state opening of Parliament or representing her at memorial services. Otherwise, Prince William might keep himself busy renovating his country home while sending out resumes.

British officials hailed the £1.6 billion, or $2.4 billion, deal with the Bristow Group as an example of how the private sector could better serve England’s public. The RAF has handled search and rescue operations for 70 years with the venerable Sea King choppers, but the American company’s fleet of 22 new helicopters can reach ocean sites up to four minutes faster.

Prince William has been flying Sea King helicopters for the RAF for three years, working as a Flight Lieutenant at the RAF Valely on Angelsey in North Wales, and William and Kate Middleton moved to a farmhouse near the base.

Prince William was debating staying on or leaving when his term of duty ended in the near future, but even though the deal does not take effect until 2015 most people imagine he’ll find work elsewhere. Although, it’s possible we might see a British prince working for an American company since the current service air and ground crews will be applying for the “new” private service jobs.

What do think about Prince William losing his job?

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