‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Thursday: Kevin Solves A Problem

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Thursday, February 27 bring Nikki standing up for Victoria and giving Billy a dose of reality. Plus, Kevin helps out Devon and looks towards a future job.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) gives Billy (Jason Thompson) a reality check, according to SheKnows Soaps. She’s been very protective of Victoria during her latest breakup with Billy, and Nikki isn’t going to change after Billy’s actions resulted in Victoria suffering a stab wound. The Newmans blame Billy’s relationship with Amanda (Mishael Morgan) for putting Victoria in the position for Ripley Turner (Christian Keyes) to mistakenly stab her. Of course, Billy also blames himself and feels incredible guilt over what happened to Victoria.

Victoria actually wakes up, and Billy is there. She’s not at all thrilled to see him, and Victoria asks him to leave. When he sticks around, Nikki firmly tells Billy he needs to go. There is no way that Nikki will allow him to hang around and upset Victoria while she’s healing. Billy’s presence could cause Victoria so much upset that she relapses or has other medical problems.

Meanwhile, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) helps crack a code. The Inquisitr previously reported that Devon (Bryton James) receives a text from an unknown number, and he presumes it came from Colin (Tristan Rogers). It is quite mysterious and contains a random string of numbers. Devon asks for help in cracking the case, and Kevin is able to make quick work of the mystery. He realizes it’s a bank account number, and Kevin is able to find it online and log in. Shockingly, it is an overseas account in Devon’s name with every bit of Katherine Chancellor’s fortune in it. Colin gives Devon the money back and appears to move on. Interestingly, Devon seems willing to let everything go and just move forward to create an even better legacy for Katherine.

Also, after his success, Kevin is sure to let Devon know that he’s available for future work should there be any. Devon tells Kevin he’ll be compensated, and perhaps Kevin will end up fitting in with Devon’s new, more strategic plan to use Katherine’s money to help others. His and Elena’s (Brytni Sarpy) clinic is one part of that, along with his partnership with Nick (Joshua Morrow) and New Hope. Perhaps moving forward, Devon will be able to do even more good with the largess he received from his late grandmother.

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