Dorothy Hamill Quits ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Due To Injury

Dorothy Hamill has been forced to drop out of Dancing with the Stars due to an injury.

The Olympic skater revealed that nerve damage to her spine was forcing her to quit the dance competition. She said the problem could become even more serious if she moves forward on the program. Hamill decided to call it quits as a result.

Dorothy stood close to her dance partner Tristan MacManus as she made the announcement.

“It’s been a wonderful ride. I wish I could stay but I can’t do justice to the commitment,” she explained.

The skater said a cyst on her spine was pinching a nerve. The problem caused Dorothy Hamill and her partner to miss several rehearsals for this week’s show.

Hamill previously told TV Guide that she was hoping to move forward despite the problem with her back. She said that quitting Dancing with the Stars wasn’t an option at the time.

“I don’t give up. I made the commitment to do the show and I love it. And as long as I’m not doing anything to make things worse, I want to continue. I really want to learn how to dance and I don’t want to leave,” she explained.

MacManus said he had to figure out a way to steak the jive to Dorothy Hamill since she was having so much trouble moving around.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to put anyone in jeopardy, and I’m not in a position to make medical decisions. At the same time, we have to be honest with ourselves. The decision will be made by Dorothy herself, whether she wants to do this or not,” the dancer explained.

Since Dorothy Hamill decided to drop out of the competition, nobody was sent home during Tuesday night’s results show.

Are you a fan of Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamill? Are you disappointed that she has been forced to quit Dancing with the Stars?

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