Jenelle Evans Is ‘Considering Counseling’ With David Eason After Being Spotted With Him At Walmart

Although Jenelle Evans insists that she is not back together with her estranged husband David Eason, she is now opening up and admits that counseling is an option for the two.

“We are going to consider counseling,” Jenelle told E! News.

A source also spoke to the outlet and explained that the two aren’t exactly back together just yet, citing that Jenelle still has her home in Tennessee.

“Jenelle and David are not fully back together and as of now Jenelle still has her Nashville apartment and has it until at least April,” the source explained.

It is unclear whether Jenelle will choose to stay in Tennessee or decide to work things out with David and move back to North Carolina permanently.

The source also opened up about the counseling options that Jenelle spoke about. According to the source, the two want to get into counseling to see if they can “work things out.”

The interview with the outlet comes after Jenelle was spotted at a Walmart in Leland, North Carolina with David and the kids. They were seen buying a pet bed and dog food, leading some to believe they had a new dog. Jenelle opened up about the new dog to E! News as well and admitted that she was indeed in Walmart with David.

“I got a new dog back when I separated from David. Yes, I was in Walmart,” Jenelle said.

The former Teen Mom 2 star purchased the dog last year after moving from North Carolina to Tennessee. In a new blog post that she shared on Wednesday, she explained that she wanted her kids to be comfortable and felt that getting a dog was a way she could make that happen.

In her interview with E! News, Jenelle dished that her Goldendoodle Rosie goes “everywhere” with her and explained what she was getting at Walmart.

“She just needed a new bed but we have another dog that we’ve had since last year. She’s not new to me but no one knows,” she said.

MTV cut ties with Jenelle last year after her estranged husband reportedly killed her pet French bulldog, Nugget. The dog had allegedly nipped at the couple’s daughter. Following reports that Jenelle not only had a new dog but was also back in North Carolina, fans expressed their concern on her Twitter post that she shared to the blog post about the new dog.

With more than 180 comments on the post, many were from followers wondering why Jenelle decided to get a new dog. Despite the numerous comments, Jenelle didn’t appear to reply to any of them.

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