‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Cameron & Trina’s Heart-Stopping Cliffhanger

This month has been quite intense for fans of General Hospital and spoilers tease that it’s not over yet. Not all GH viewers have been excited to see a new mob war brewing, but the cliffhanger that came at the end of Wednesday’s show certainly grabbed everybody’s attention. Cameron Webber and Trina Robinson were just pulled into this war and people have a lot to say about the development across Twitter.

Trina and Cameron thought they were simply headed to the school formal together, but things took quite the turn after they left his house. It turns out that their ride-share driver isn’t who they thought he was, but they don’t know that quite yet. He is a mob guy working within the organization run by Cyrus Renault, and that means that these two are in big trouble.

It was recently revealed that Trina is Detective Marcus Taggert’s daughter and that makes her a target. Cyrus wants to exact revenge against Taggert and Jordan for putting him behind bars, and now it looks as if he’s going after Trina to make it happen.

The character of Trina first appeared about a year ago as a teen sidekick for Josslyn, Cameron, and Oscar Nero. Since then, however, fans have fallen in love with her.

Actress Sydney Mikayla has General Hospital fans raving over her work, and people have been thrilled to see her getting some significant airtime. In fact, many think that a new character set to be introduced soon may turn out to be Trina’s mother.

Heading into the dance, fans were expecting that Cameron and Trina’s plan to make Josslyn jealous to backfire. A lot of General Hospital viewers are rooting for Trina and Cam to fall for one another, but things certainly took an unexpected turn with this kidnapping cliffhanger.

“Cam and Trina are so adorable, I ship it so hard,” gushed a “Catrina” fan.

“So Cyrus specifically sent a henchman after Trina because she’s Taggert’s daughter. He’s trash going after a kid. That’s probably why Cam will be running off,” noted one General Hospital fan.

“Uh oh. The driver for Cam and Trina is not going to be a good guy. Y’all better protect my precious Catrina,” warned someone else.

“Trina is so fabulous that #GH hired a family for HER. For a teen character who was created as a friend of a legacy character. Amazing! This girl, y’all!” detailed someone else.

While fans can probably feel confident that both Cameron and Trina will make it through this crisis, General Hospital spoilers hint that it might not be easy.

This mob war was already escalating quickly, and pulling Trina and Cameron into the mix is likely going to make those involved on the Port Charles side very, very angry. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that the chaos of this continues with Thursday’s episode and “Catrina” fans are anxious to see what comes next.

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