‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Maggie May Have Been Set Up The Night Of Adrienne’s Death

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that fans don’t yet know the whole story about what really happened the night that Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans) was killed.

According to a recent report by Soap Dirt, Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) now knows that it was she who caused the car accident that killed Adrienne. The fan-favorite character had no memories from that night for over a year but is now remembering that she may have gotten behind the wheel of her car after relapsing on alcohol.

Maggie’s memory flashes prompted her to confront her husband, Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) and his nephew Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) about that night. Xander finally came clean, telling Maggie that he found her passed out behind the wheel at the scene of the accident and that he and Victor covered it up, allowing Will Horton (Chandler Massey) to take the blame for the crime.

Will is currently in prison for the crime, but Maggie’s not going to allow that to continue. In Wednesday’s episode, she headed to the police station to turn herself in and tell the truth about Adrienne’s death.

However, spoilers are suggesting that the accident may not have been Maggie’s fault after all. Before the crash, Maggie was confronted by her daughter, Summer. Summer told her mother that she was dying and blamed her for health issues. She even poured Maggie a glass of vodka and urged her to drink it.

Maggie claims to have no memory of taking that first drink but believes that she must have now that the truth about the accident has come to light. However, some fans believe that Summer may have actually drugged her mother, putting a substance in the water pitcher so that Maggie would become unconscious.

Summer’s intentions may have been to have Maggie busted for a DUI, but when the crash happened, she could have fled the scene, leaving her mom there to appear at fault for the accident.

Summer obviously wanted revenge on her mother and wanted to do something to hurt Maggie. Having her believe she relapsed and then be arrested for a DUI would have been a devious revenge plot. However, the accident could have been more than Summer bargained for.

It appears that even more information about that night will continue to come out, and if Summer is to blame Days of Our Lives fans could see Maggie go free with a clear conscience in the near future.

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