‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers & Speculation: Another Theory About How Peter Weber’s Season Ends Is Gaining Steam

Soon, The Bachelor fans will know for certain how Peter Weber’s season ends. In the meantime, key confirmed spoilers remain under wraps, and fans are coming up with a lot of intriguing theories about what they think happens. Now, blogger Reality Steve notes that one possibility, in particular, seems like it might fit within the knowns and unknowns available at this point.

A big preview filled with The Bachelor spoilers was shown on Monday night, and it included a few intriguing tidbits. At one point, Peter is shown talking to somebody, and he is emotional as he apologizes to the unknown person in the conversation.

At this point, it’s not known who Peter is talking to, where this house is, or when this was filmed. Reality Steve believes that this happened post-filming, outside of Australia where filming ended. In his new post, Reality Steve adds a bit more to his theory on this front.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve have pinpointed a handful of essential details about what reportedly happens toward the end of this season. He says that it’s down to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett at the end and that there is no engagement at the final rose ceremony. He’s also said that Madi eliminates herself, and now it seems that departure comes after she’s met Peter’s parents and on the day of the final rose ceremony.

If all of that is the case, then the big question is whether Peter chooses Hannah Ann or wraps filming alone. Reality Steve’s spoilers have noted that he suspects that Peter visited Madi after filming and worked to convince her to date and see if they could make things work. Now, some fans wonder if Peter perhaps chose Hannah Ann at the final rose ceremony, split with her soon after filming wrapped, and then reunited with Madi.

It doesn’t appear that the house seen in the preview is either the Prewett family home in Alabama or the Sluss family home in Tennessee. It is possible that it could be a home in California that was used specifically for filming whatever this conversation is.

Reality Steve says he is certain that Madi quit and left on the day of the final rose ceremony. The Bachelor fans suspect that it’s Madi whom Peter’s mom is talking about when she urges him to bring “her” home to them. However, that’s not known for certain. It’s also not known what Chris Harrison tells Peter at the time of the rose ceremony that seems to upset him.

“As for Hannah, there’s still this lingering question of did he choose her after Madi left. I haven’t gotten confirmation if he did or didn’t. Running sentiment is that he did and then broke it off after filming. Seems to be that’s what the shot in the house we saw at the end clip of last episode is showing him doing,” Reality Steve detailed in his newest post.

Whatever does happen at the end of this season, The Bachelor spoilers have teased that it’ll be dramatic, emotional, and surprising. If Madi does quit and leaves on the day of the final rose ceremony, that is a franchise first.

If Peter chooses Hannah Ann, breaks up with her after filming, and reunites with Madi, that’s not completely new for The Bachelor franchise. However, it would be different from prior instances in the sense that Peter may have intended to choose Madi and picked Hannah Ann because Madi left.

Reality Steve admits he’s not sure how Peter’s season ends, and fans don’t know either. The Bachelor spoilers do suggest, though, that things do get rocky toward the end of this all and that how filming ended in Australia isn’t necessarily in alignment with where things stand now. One way or another, fans will find out exactly where this all heads in just two more weeks.

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