Fitness Trainer Michie Peachie Performs ‘Booty Burn’ Workout In Blue Crop Top And Shorts

Michie Peachie served up another dose of “fitspiration” to her one million Instagram followers this week. The popular fitness trainer took to her account on Wednesday to share a set of instructional videos that demonstrated a “booty burn” routine for her fans to try.

The set of four clips saw Michie working up a sweat in a large gym. She wore a coordinated set of blue athletic wear from Bombshell Sportswear for the demonstration, which she labeled a “booty shaping outfit” in the caption of her post. She also wore a pair of chunky tan sneakers and tied her long brunette hair in a ponytail that sat high on top of her head.

Michie kicked off her rigorous workout routine with a set of sumo squats using the Smith machine. She stood with her toned legs spread wide and her toes pointed outward and slowly began squatting down while keeping her back straight.

The next step in the model’s workout was a set of three-quarter squats with band abductions, which she performed at the same machine. She dipped down into a squat position and did an abductor move by pushing her hips apart. She then returned almost to her starting position but noted in the caption of her post that she was only going part of the way up, as the focus for this exercise was the squat resistance range.

Michie then performed a set of reverse hypers on a reverse hyper machine. She wrapped her arms around a set of bars in front of her and laid stomach-down across the machine, while slowly lifting her legs up in the air behind her.

The final step in the trainer’s booty burn routine was a set of hyper pulses. She again laid across the machine, though this time she secured her feet in the bars and bent her upper body toward the floor while gripping a weight. Slowly, Michie began lifting herself up so that her entire body was straight, before driving back down into her starting position.

Michie’s latest video update proved to be a hit with her Instagram followers. Within just two hours of going live, the series of instructional clips racked up more than 7,500 likes, along with several comments from fans expressing their appreciation to the workout queen for her advice.

“Girrrl! You are perfection. Needed this motivation,” one person wrote.

“I gotta try these,” penned another.

“Great ideas for the smith @michie_peachie, I love the added abduction in video 2. Adding this to my leg day! What great timing girl!” commented a third.

While Michie has her own fitness subscription program that her followers can sign up for, she often takes to her Instagram page to share a variety of routines with her fans. Recently, she demonstrated an ankle weight workout that focused on the legs and booty. That sweat session also proved to be popular, raking in more than 45,000 likes from her dedicated followers.

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