‘Rain’ Gives First Look At Gameplay Footage

Rain is coming to the Playstation Network later this year and the game developers just released a trailer with a couple of minutes of the game play to wet our appetites.

The game was originally announced at the 2012 Gamescom but the game’s developers are finally showing off what is going to make this game so great. There are some really interesting tricks with graphics in this particular game, because the two main characters are actually invisible.

The rain in the game actually gives the characters shape and when it isn’t raining you won’t be able to actually see the characters or the villains.

Rain is the story of a young boy who is chasing the silouhette of a little girl. It is only later that you realize that you, too are invisible to the world unless there is a downpour of rain to show your shape.

The Playstation Blog has actually posted some shots of the game that will actually allow you to move your cursor over the pictures and see how the shapes in the game suddenly show up when they are getting hit by the falling water.

The Playstation C.A.M.P team has put this game together and they are best known for working on games like Tokyo Jungle and echochrome. The game is obviously exclusive to Playstation and could up end being one of those titles that gets people coming to this console specifically because of these types of creations.

The gameplay trailer is actually as much as seven minutes of actual play from the game so you will get a real and true feel about just what the game looks like when it is in action.

Sony has certainly put some serious effort behind getting this game in front of interested eyes. We’ll see if that pays off when it is finally released.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Rain below.

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