‘This Is Us’ Fans Believe A Huge Clue Was Dropped In ‘Clouds’ Episode Regarding Future Of Big Three

Spoiler Alert: This story contains spoilers from This Is Us latest episode “Clouds.”

This Is Us fans believe a big clue was dropped in the episode titled “Clouds” regarding the fate of the big three. Kevin, Kate, and Randall were seen grappling with their own personal problems in the show’s latest episode as the series moves forward into the future. The remaining episodes of the season will play out a heartbreaking storyline that was teased in the show’s winter finale.

In “Clouds,” fans felt that writers gave a more clear direction as to how the relationship woes between Kevin, Randall, and Kate would be laid out. This will effectively lead the trio to the fractured relationship that was revealed just prior to the series’ midseason break.

The reason Kate and Kevin are not speaking to their brother Randall appears to have nothing to do with Randall keeping Rebecca’s health issues quiet at first. This was the initial thought of many viewers, but that idea appears to have been debunked.

This puzzled fans of This Is Us, who believed that Randall keeping the secret of his mother’s health from his siblings was the hammer that would eventually smash the bond of the big three.

Instead, viewers believe that issues touched on in Randall’s first therapy session might open up a Pandora’s box that sets the stage for further development of the core characters moving forward.

“Loved seeing Kevin with Rebecca. So it’s not the secret of her illness that has them not speaking. Maybe a revelation during Randall’s therapy sessions. Also, really liked how Madison helped Kate about Toby,” determined one viewer after watching the episode, in a comment on the This Is Us Instagram page.

“I think the reason Randall isn’t speaking to Kate and Kevin is that Randall thought he’s the only one of the ‘big 3’ to be able to take the best care of his mom,” said a second fan of the series.

Other fans believed that whatever the outcome, the show is doing a great service by allowing viewers to realize that although their lives may be messy at times, growth is always possible.

“This show is, in my opinion, truly helping people who may not get it, get it. (Life). And reminding the ones who already do, that they are right. This show is genius and phenomenal and you all truly GET IT,” remarked a third Instagram user.

This Is Us Executive producer Isaac Aptaker revealed in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly what fans can expect regarding the rift that changes the relationship of the big three in the weeks ahead.

“We don’t want to give too much away about what the source of this rift is, and there’s no way to answer that without spoiling where we’re headed. But there are three episodes left and we promise this rift happens this season, so all will be revealed very soon,” he teased.

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