Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brook Lynn Is Angling As Julian Faces An Unexpected Threat

Julian is facing an unexpected challenge in dealing with the Wiley fallout and General Hospital spoilers tease that this could get pretty juicy. Julian is scrambling to keep anybody from finding out how deeply involved he was in helping Brad maintain the secret about the baby swap. He thought he was close to having things under control, but an old, overheard conversation just came back to haunt him.

During Tuesday’s episode, Julian talked with Alexis and Sam about Brad, Lucas, and Wiley at the Metro Court. He asked Alexis to give him a referral to a lawyer who could represent Brad, a request that left his daughter and ex-wife a bit confused. He made his case for why it’s important for Brad to be represented by someone good, even though fans know that his determination on this front is due to a deal he made with Brad.

As it happens, Brook Lynn was also at the Metro Court on Tuesday. She bailed on her job hosting and got a talking-to from her father. All Brook Lynn wants to do at this point is to write music, live off her family’s money, and wait out her nasty producer Linc and his sketchy contract. However, Ned made it clear he’s not going to make it easy for her to do this.

Soon after their respective conversations, Brook Lynn and Julian started talking. Viewers know that when she unexpectedly blew into town just before Thanksgiving, she hit up Charlie’s first. She didn’t know Julian, and he didn’t know her, but the two bantered and fans quickly came to suspect that there’s a romp between the sheets ahead for these two at some point.

However, for the moment, Brook Lynn is using what she observed during that visit to Charlie’s to turn her challenging situation around. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central teased that Brook Lynn would piece something together and that came about during Tuesday’s show.

That night that Brook Lynn was at Charlie’s, she watched Julian and Brad have an intense conversation. She questioned Julian about it once Brad left, and he played it off as a disagreement with an associate. Now that the baby swap has been exposed, Brook Lynn has revisited that conversation and figured out that Julian must have known about the baby swap and been helping Brad.

Brook Lynn made it clear to Julian during this conversation at the Metro Court that she clearly remembered this conversation and connected it to this week’s baby bombshell. Julian tried to play coy at first, but it didn’t take long before he asked what Brook Lynn wanted. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll be making her wishes quite clear.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show hints that this negotiation will get a bit intense. Brook Lynn will rather angrily snarl at Julian as she asks if he’s helping or not. While it’s not known exactly what Brook Lynn will ask for, it’s surely either help getting Linc out of the picture or a big sum of money to help her navigate this tricky time.

Will Julian give her what she wants? General Hospital spoilers suggest that he may feel as if he has no choice.

General Hospital spoilers do hint that these two may end up doing more than negotiating a deal at some point down the road. Viewers will see more during Wednesday’s show and it sounds as if they’ll both be feeling anxious in the days ahead.

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