‘The Wolverine’ 20 Second Teaser Revealed [Video]

The Wolverine just got another teaser today. This time it’s 20 seconds long.

Yesterday, we got six seconds of footage flashing by, showing us what will be in the new X-Men spinoff, The Wolverine. Tomorrow, we will be getting the full trailer.

The teaser for The Wolverine starts with Logan (Hugh Jackman) suddenly diverting his attention as a Japanese man in a yellow outfit and white headdress attacks him and he jumps back, his arms out and his face the picture of surprise. Some other guy with his side covered in tattoos leads a woman away as Logan checks a fresh wound with his hand and looks up.

A Japanese woman with red-dyed hair has a sword fight in a place surrounded by fresh flora, disarming a man with a pistol.

We then see the inside of a large round building with a white catwalk directly overhead and then what appears to be a lamp of sorts in front of some monitors. Logan is sitting and says, “What they did to me, what I am, can’t be undone.” The Japanese woman with the red-dyed hair seems concerned by this, and someone nearby is holding a sword as Logan walks by shirtless.

The Wolverine is then seen fighting someone in a Japanese room of sorts. The rice-paper walls have a grid of black on white. The other fighter turns out to be a guy with two swords while Logan is using only one. Logan is hit in the face and turns back, looking angry.

We then see Logan being spoken to by someone we can’t see right off in a nondescript yellowish room, “Don’t be so sure…”

Combined with the six seconds we saw yesterday, we can safely assume that Wolverine will be in Japan for a good portion of the film, probably training with people who actually want him dead, and a Japanese woman who fights on his side (possibly his wife from the comics). And anyone who knows anything about the Wolverine will tell those who want him dead, “Good luck with that.”

What do you think about the 20 second teaser for The Wolverine?

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