‘General Hospital’ Speculations: Nelle’s Demise May Be At Hand & The List Of Possible Suspects Is Growing

Nelle Benson has wreaked havoc in many people’s lives in Port Charles, and General Hospital has just given strong indications that her actions may finally catch up to her. Fans are wondering if there will be a suspenseful mystery to solve soon. Monday’s episode provided plenty of hints that have given them reason to believe that Nelle’s demise is coming.

The General Hospital villain has thrown Brad under the bus, saying that he was the one who stole her baby. Spoilers have teased that she will go free soon, but that may turn out not to be a good thing for her. On Tuesday, Carly will be paying a visit to Nelle while she is still behind bars. According to spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Michael’s mother will be giving his ex a stern warning. Carly is clearly out to stop Nelle for good, as she told Sonny. She will also warn Nelle that if the legal system fails to stop her, then she will.

Sonny had told his wife that she needed to let Michael decide how to deal with Nelle. Of course, she won’t listen, but Michael may be stepping up to the plate in order to protect his son. It looks like he is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Nelle doesn’t ever get to Wiley again. He mentioned on Monday’s General Hospital that he would be willing to stop her for good if he had to. Then there is Jason, who told Michael that he could “take care of Nelle” for him as well.

These indicators seem to suggest that Nelle better watch her back if and when she goes free. The threats are coming in fast and furious against her, and that means danger for Nelle Benson.

Carly’s tongue-lashing this week leads fans to believe that one of the Corinthos crew will take care of Nelle, but there are others that are a threat as well. Brad certainly has a reason to want Nelle out of the way since he could go to prison for “stealing” her baby. Julian certainly has the means to kill Nelle. After all, he did try to kill Brad. He made his son-in-law a promise that he would be set free in exchange for Brad’s silence that he knew about the baby swap.

Lucas and Willow are both devastated over their losses. Many General Hospital fans are pretty certain that Willow will be the one who ends up going after Nelle. However, she has been going on and on about how Brad let her baby die. It seems like she is putting the blame on him more than Nelle at this point.

It appears there is a long list of suspects if Nelle does get taken down for good.

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