‘Scrolls’ Is ‘Minecraft’ Developer’s Next Game [Video]

Scrolls will be the next title that Minecraft developer Mojang releases. The newest game will be available in closed beta at the end of next month. If this particular title can get anywhere near the popularity of Minecraft then Mojang could have another goldmine on their hands.

It appears that the only thing this new title will have with Mojang’s first is that they are put together by the same team. In an unveiling at GDC today, Jakob Porser showed off the digital card trading adventure game.

He also announced that there will be a discounted beta version of the game that will be made available at the end of April to those who are willing to play a game that isn’t 100 percent complete.

Scrolls will be rolled out on PC first, but the development team says that the game will hit Mac shortly thereafter. Porser said that Mojang is also strongly considering rolling out a Linux version this year as well, but that isn’t a definite just yet.

This game seems to be a definite signal that gaming developers are fairly certain that digital trading card games are on the cusp of getting big. Blizzard is putting together their own trading card game called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

This also means that Mojang’s game is going to have some real competition between two of the more popular computer game developers. There has actually been a rather immersive story that was specifically written for the game as well but the developers aren’t entirely sure they will be incorporating it into the final build.

The escalating payscale worked very well for Minecraft and probably helped build up the interest in the game. Those who wanted the first couple of releases didn’t have to pay a whole lot more than $10. Once the game got more complete, the price was higher, but is still quite affordable.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Scrolls below

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