Demi Lovato Posts Barefaced Selfie, Says ‘I’m Proud Of My Booty Chin’

Demi Lovato has embraced the no-makeup lifestyle, and she doesn’t seem to have any regrets. The singer took to Instagram on Monday to post a photo of herself without makeup to celebrate #NoMakeupMonday.

In the caption for the post, Lovato said that this was the first no-makeup photo she’d posted in years, but she figured that it was important to show what she looked like when she wasn’t decked out for a performance or red carpet appearance. The singer also said that she usually likes to just let her skin breathe, which means keeping it free of makeup when possible.

She continued by explaining that she looks like this “85-90% of the time,” and that she’s proud of both her freckles and her “booty chin.” Lovato concluded her message by saying that she’s proud of herself for accepting who she is.

The photo shows Lovato with her hair slicked back in a bun and with freckles across her cheeks and nose that are usually hidden behind makeup. The singer is wearing a simple black jacket in the photo and seems to have done little to edit the photo before posting it on social media.

Fans were quick to flood the post with positive comments after it went live.

“Beautiful with or without makeup. Natural beauty,” one user wrote on the post.

“The best thing is that the natural you is not so far from the one who has a beautiful make up. In every way I can recognize you and say ‘that’s Demi! That’s the girl who inspires me and who has made me love her unconditionally!’ You’re beautiful, we’re beautiful, so there’s no reason why we are ashamed of ourselves. Keep being you and make us feel we are worthy,” another remarked.

The singer also received positive comments from her manager, Scooter Braun, as well as country singer Kelsea Ballerini.

Lovato spent more than a year out of the spotlight following an overdose and only returned to public performing in early 2020. In January, she performed her new song “Anyone” at the Grammys and sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Since returning to the public eye, Lovato has stressed the importance of body positivity.

In a recent interview on the Pretty Big Deal podcast, Lovato said that she was no longer willing to destroy her mental health in order to maintain a certain image of herself. According to People, Lovato doesn’t know her current weight and said she finds that liberating.

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