‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Tease Awkward Moments As Peter Weber’s Final 3 Realize They’re Rooming Together

Spoilers for Episode 9 of The Bachelor tease that there are a lot of awkward moments on the way. Peter Weber is slated to have overnight dates with Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Victoria Fuller, and production decided to add an element to filming to make this challenging time even more intense.

Typically, the final three contestants on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette stay in individual hotel rooms once the hometown dates begin, and this continues through the final rose ceremony. Peter’s ladies, however, will all be sharing a suite. Based on a preview shared via the show’s Twitter page, the ladies didn’t anticipate this. It’s probably pretty safe to say that Peter didn’t see this coming either.

The juicy sneak peek begins with Madi entering the suite and looking around a bit. Madi talks about how this is Fantasy Suite week and that it’s an awkward position for her to be in right now. She continues by noting that she doesn’t want to think about Peter being with either of the other two women.

At this point, the preview clip shows Hannah Ann walking through the door into the same hotel suite. Both Madi and Hannah Ann are clearly surprised to see one another.

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Hannah Ann and Madi will give one another a somewhat awkward hug and then sit down on a couch together. It appears that before the awkwardness can wear off, Victoria comes through the same suite door.

The three women will all do their best to stay positive and seem excited to see one another, but they’re all clearly surprised that they’re all in the same suite for this week of overnight dates. During a separate interview moment, Victoria will note how the three are apparently staying together for the week and point out that it’s awkward.

The show probably won’t say anything about how unusual it is to have the final three staying together like this. However, it looks like a lot of The Bachelor fans think they already have much of this figured out.

“This is so mean to Madison :(” noted one fan.

“ABC you did these girls DIRTY this season,” wrote another The Bachelor viewer.

“WHAT?! OMG! The devil works hard but @BachelorABC works harder! Unprecedented! How COULD you?! Let the drama ensue! This should be good (BAD!),” proclaimed another fan.

The Bachelor spoilers have detailed that Madi is saving herself for marriage and she’ll see it as a major issue if Peter sleeps with either Victoria or Hannah Ann. Having all three women rooming together will probably make it virtually impossible to ignore questions about whether or not Peter gets intimate during his overnights. While it’s not known for certain the order in which the overnights were filmed, all signs point toward Madi’s date coming last.

Will Madi be able to ride this out for the chance of finding lasting love with Peter or is this love story about to come to an unfortunate and awkward end? The Bachelor spoilers hint that fans will be left hanging at the end of Episode 9. Luckily, answers to these questions shouldn’t take too much longer to emerge.

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